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Bolsolver Festival of Brass Contest 2023

The band had a fantastic day at Bolsover Festival of Brass performing our entertainment programme:

1. Men of Harlech. Traditional, arranged Gareth Wood

2. The Holy Well, Peter Graham, Euphonium Soloist Bo-Rong Li

3. Anyone Can Whistle, Stephen Sondheim, arranged Howard Snell

4. Songbird, Christine McVeigh, arranged James Hatton

5. Vitae Aeternum, Paul Lovatt-Cooper

We were really pleased with our performance, but unfortunately we didn't get the result we had hoped for this time, placed 12th on the day.

A huge well done to our fantastic soloists, Bo-Rong, Sarah Brown, Nikki Jones, Emily Savage, Sara Oberland and Hannah Taylor.

It was a real feel good day amongst the band, with a great standard of performance we can build on for our next endeavour at Whychavon entertainment contest next month.

You can hear our performance here at around 8hrs 15mins

Oh and of course a bit of fun along the way:

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